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Welcome, you’ve stumbled into the world we live in. Inside the mind of the person who’s listening Press play and we’re brought into existence, And only play until the songs have all finished. Welcome to my world, it’s a world that’s hidden, Where we worship rhythms until immersed within them. Inertia kicks in, the loop’s consisting of moods and vision, loose definitions. Not finishing soon, consume what’s given. Diligent youth with the bass that kicking. To invade the system, stay resistant, the delay is distant, staying twisted. Vocals close not away in the distance. That’s the way that I’ll stay in your listens, If not played, then I’ll fade in an instant, A kid with a microphone that failed existence. Evading restrictions, break the conditions. Never stay in a state of indifference Contemplate, innovate on traditions, This beats speaks we all form into thinkers. Or I could talk to you, draw mental pictures. Let’s explore move forward through these scriptures, Find sounds that won’t fit your descriptions, hidden deep within hip-hop’s encryption. Centuries spent, countless revisions, myths, depictions, sounds that go missing. Samples are held until found by their victims. Who are succumbed to the sound as their mission Producers turned mad, manic addictions, every decisions an artist reliving. Each bar gets cut with precision, carefully removed from the loop it exists. The sound the envisioned is slowly brought to fruition, fraught with conviction. Since the beginning. Music has the power to change our conditioning. Thank you for listening.
Fragmented 04:08
There's reports of a mutated force rising. We've formed our resources and we're fighting. Forced human voices into hiding Of course there will be left nobody left surviving Verse 1 Never get caught out of your house past 8, walk through parks late. Creeping in the shadows, is a creature with a fast pace, All it took was one modification in a glass cage, human size caterpillars stealing all your cash made. Teeth turned into knife blades, toxic is the poison sprayed. Obnoxious and quite dismayed but not the worst that we create. We've seen a super weed, can swallow a whole town. A Carnivorous plant, that's found all over the world now. It's seeds razor sharp, ninja stars that tunnel underground, all our water resources taken from our surrounds. Look through the forest that the super weed constructs, we used to eat fruit, now the fruit consumes us. There's Gangs of Tomatoes don't let them get cut. You'll be diced in a salad with some dressing made up. There's Madness, distrust. Havoc and disgust, nomadic and we must eradicate this bunch. Verse 2 There's a mutating virus, that finds us, and violence is vital to its survival. Fights like a war inside you. It's a plague, that means we're all going to die soon. Quite rude. Billions wiped out before the nights through. Mosquitos the size of me, not surprisingly spread disease easily, your bloodstream they seek. Dive like a fighter jet, faster than you expect, repellent, irrelevant, a split second and your dead. stressing with the rest, no guessing what is next, bunkered down, we formulate, coordinate unrest. The moment is coming our opponent is cunning, and we're so sick of running so its time to stand for something, want to take our home town cos it's the place that we're loving, no discussions, as we wait heart thumping uncontained. Past waiting lets invade, thousands charge fuelled with hate, but knew the plans that we had made, wiping out the human race. Verse 3 We should have seen it coming, saw the signs and introduction The problem was constructed more food needed production. The substance genetically modified in abundance, no time or need to consider the repercussions. It had to happen, people don't get fed from discussions. We needed more food people starving in great numbers. Once 8 billion humans roamed the earth, the solution was obvious and backed by research. Bigger crops, larger yields, despite a drop in rainfall still, manage to build, the output will. But now it's been revealed. Health defects, as the poison's more potent, every weed immune to the chemicals we showed them, DNA combined til its mutated and broken, no way to rewind so they're here to stay and they're growing. Eventually the virus wiped the human race, and the mutated caterpillars stood in our place.
Postcard 04:27
Chorus Want to reflect and remember, these moments I'll keep for forever, times when we're we're together. A box of memories in the form of this letter. It's a postcard sent home, missing you this winter. Verse 1 The air was cold, the night this moment would unfold. Treasury Gardens holds this memory that's told. Behold, they found some space they can divulge, any thoughts on their mind as this connection evolves. Oblivious to to any of the people as they strolled, We had a world to ourselves and we were totally engulfed. Remember thinking to myself that this is how life should be. Quite complete, a night where we can finally speak. Remember Feeling the warmth of your legs, next to me, I put arm around you its like it's meant to be. We kissed for hours, time paused so it would seem, A skateboarder would roll past, take us out of the dream. My Heart rate a fast pace, your soft touch and calm gaze, Thinking back on past days, they feel so far away. Loved every minute that We stayed, I know this memory won't fade, it's engraved and saved. Verse 2 What's to come next? Don't know what to expect, Paris Cat Jazz Club, I sit back and reflect. I guess I was addicted to seeing you I confess, Being with you felt blessed, the thoughts continue I was obsessed. For the set, Billie holiday songs were played, Sung with so much grace, it left the audience amazed, The lyrics coincide with how I felt that day. Looking into your eyes, your smile, the night was great. As we listened to band, up the back I took your hand. I guess Life is unplanned, both were keen to take the chance. When you're House-sitting entranced, time pauses and stands. So these two souls have space for their minds to dance Every morning we wake with no rush to start the day, it's a brilliant escape let's forget about the race. What our Relationship contains, is not the same as others face, but I like it that way and don't want it to change. Verse 3 It's been a month since I've departed from the place where this all started, continents apart and this part it seems the hardest. As time passes, a year and six months we've lasted, The closest partners, want to Lie with you in the darkness, The calmest, I want to feel you're breathing next to me, but texts won't let it be, restricted to imagery. Phone calls daily but the distance it gets to me. Skype helps to let me see, essentially its a summary, I want to see you in HD. 3D, real life feed. But I guess it's not to be, reflect on my memory, Accept that the next two months, only receive you've sent to me. Nothing more, can't kiss or hold you at dawn. Gone for one more months as I write this song, It feels like we're getting closer being apart for this long. But it's frustrating, I can't help with the problems that you're facing, The internet's always fading cutting off conversation. As I sit here contemplating, the conclusion that I'm making is that Emma you're amazing, knew it when we started dating. Now We both sit waiting, anticipating the date, I see your beautiful face and finally we'll embrace.
Sold 04:28
Chorus If we're not paying, then we're what's sold. Our information's taken but we have control. If people stop displaying what's personal, We could start to have a say in which companies fall. Verse 1 We thought this information useless, helped the rise of the mutant, they heard everything we said, recorded then consumed it. Exported then resumed, kept all our points of view. To run ads with precision, its a mission to target you like a missile, the fact was we gave no dismissal. Allowing them to rape all our info, morals degraded and minimal. Now they're at the state of invincible, as the world shifts and integrates with the digital. Study photographs Google map your (physical) location, gather up the Facebook tags you're making, ip address used for suburb placement, four square tags your destination, It's hard to recognize what we're facing, Instagram photos with your face in, no way to erase them, while ASIO's collating. Our information free the third parties hungry waiting. Why don't we leave? uninterested and complacent. Isn't Google friendly? Not if the government stop the payments. Or threats to have their servers taken. The bubbles breaking it's time stop contemplating, they'll control the population from information l we gave them Verse 2 We stay connected not connecting all the dots, not just in the midst of corporate plots, reminisce when your identity was lost. Picture this, a profile that an entity wants, so they can enter your thoughts, help them invent a response. So we post up our real name, date of birth, if you're single or taken is learnt, whats your place of work? Please explain your network, friends, colleagues, family so we can know who-to address first. Whether you're private or public, it doesn't matter, because you can't hide it once you've given them all this data. Consider it a part of, your digital passport. Checking your profile is a government task force. With Malware installs, devour all your thoughts, whatever you type is stored. All your actions explored the common thought If you've got nothing to hide why you concerned, Our privacy has died and we just watch the fire burn, Verse 3 It seems the revolution will be televised YouTube streaming live a million eyes, so we can form our own picture to analyse. Distinguish the truth as it gets swept aside, accept the lies, every opinion given an equal right if its in line. what can be posted. Who are the owners. You, but YouTube Has equal rights to pursue. Aim to confuse through their privacy policy consolidates that obviously our data is their property. Mined like a commodity. Fine by us as long as we. Find their products all for free, why would you want anonymity? Conceal your browser history? Sorry that search we can't delete. Stored for 8 months then its scrambled supposedly. Focusing indebted to notice the effects of their growth on what embedded. Our quotes are there forever lets hope. We can disrupt corrupt through distrust from us, Force change in the actions they conduct.


Our memory is being outsourced to Google, our personal information is stolen by governments and corporations. Genetically modified tomatoes are hiding in your cupboards, ready to attack.

But it's too late, there's nothing you can do. So pull up a seat in your shiny new bunker, fasten your tin foil hat, open up a fresh can of baked beans and enjoy the sounds of Tyme.

Written and produced by Tyme with the help of:
Vocals on Welcome, Mutants and Ghosts by Gabriella Moxey
Vocals on Plans by Hollins
Keys on Postcard by Luke Mitrione
Guitar Sample on Ghosts by Alex Wilson (Spendalifetime)

Cover artwork by Gabriella Moxey

Mixed and Mastered by the genius that is Hamish Mitchell

Design & layout by Conlan Normington

Mutants film clip out now


released May 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Tyme Melbourne, Australia

New album
'Weekends Spent Indoors'

Emcee/Producer/Motion Designer

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